No School Excels East Stroudsburg
What did we learn in school?
Choreography by Lise Brody and the company
Video and Slides by Ju-Pong Lin
Original Music by Otto Muller

No School Excels East Stroudsburg premiered with an experimental showing at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Here are a few responses we received from students there :

“being physically brought into the ‘play’ … was an amazing element, for me. It instantly, physically evoked memories of things, people, places and experiences I hadn't thought of in decades.”

"- I love the notion of asking questions about school, and the purpose of school, through movement and dance. I suppose I am biased on this front but I imagine others who are accustomed to thinking about dance in more traditional (?) ways (as pure entertainment, that is) would find this piece surprising, thought-provoking, and interesting."

" felt natural and exciting. Standing in a line was very evocative experience... I was so used to be asked to walk in a line when I was little, but now reenacting the experience made me feel that it was ridiculous that we ask students to do this. It felt so unnatural and rigid."

RTCM would like to thank the magnificent True Colors Youth Theaterof Boston's Theater Offensive for a wonderful in-process sharing.

No School Excels East Stroudsburg is an interdisciplinary project that integrates performed and participatory movement and dance, video, monologue, and story circle. We invite the audience/participants to join us in asking: what do we carry with us, in our bodies and our psyches, from our school experiences? How are our social interactions, our identities, our sense of agency in the world, and our assumptions about authority shaped in school? Although several members of Round the Corner Movers are long-time educators, the premise of this project is not that we have knowledge, insight, or wisdom that the audience lacks. Rather, we believe that by inviting the audience to join us in collective inquiry, and by evoking sense memory to spark conversation, we can raise critical questions and generate new knowledge together.

The themes and issues the piece addresses evolve with each group/community that participates, making No School an ongoing process. The company is also in the process of developing a longer, workshop-style version of No School that offers participants a deeper exploration of embodiment, integrated with more extensive and focused conversation. This version is specifically designed for educators who may wish to incorporate movement into their teaching practice and/or to explore inquiry through art more deeply.

No School Excels East Stroudsburg is available for performance/sharing. We invite educators, artists, sociologists, psychologists, activists, political scientists, writers, and all current or former schoolchildren to participate.

If you are interested in bringing No School to your organization or institution, please contact us.

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