round the corner movers


Round The Corner Movers


No School Excels East Stroudsburg
Choreography by Lise Brody and the company
Video and Slides by Ju-Pong Lin
Original Music by Otto MullerVideo and Slides by Ju-Pong Lin
Original Music by Otto Muller

RTCM spent a year or two (or was it three?) living inside the gorgeous, cinematic, highly structured chaos of Peter Schickele's Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano. It began as a stand-alone exploration of Movement IV ("Quartet for Ann, Adrienne, Eleanor and Katrina"), then we found out we weren't done. More..

the language of dance

The Language of Dance is a multi-media lecture-demonstration featuring Runaway Rainbow (choreography by Lise Brody & dancers, music by Peter Schickele), performed and fully explicated by members of Round the Corner Movers. More..

part 1

Partially inspired by George W. Bush's statement that "the short-term objective of this country is to find an enemy and bring them to justice before they strike us," the piece explores demonization through… demonology. More...