About RTCM

(Formerly Screech To A Stop Dance Company)

When I founded RTCM (then Screech to a Stop Dance Company) in 2006, I was in search of dancers who would be willing to spend two years making a 20 minute piece. I wanted to work with people who enjoyed process as much as performance, and who would be willing to try nutty experiments and risk the unknown. I didn't imagine it possible, but 5 years later I am in the glorious company of 6 women who do not risk the unknown – they embrace it. What we do and how we do it is always changing. We never know what will spring from our adventures in the studio – so far, we seem to have conjured up Dances About Witches , a theatrical exploration of the power of paranoia; Quartet for Five, inspired by Peter Schickele's cinematic music, and a tongue-in-cheek lecture demonstration on The Language of Dance. Currently, we are working on No School Excels East Stroudsburg, a participatory performance piece that will invite the audience to join us in a story circle as we seek to unearth the ways in which our distantly remembered (or very recent!) school experiences determined who we are and how we see the world.

RTCM welcomes partnerships and collaborations with other artists and groups who are interested in a process-oriented, question-based, often goofy, always surprising approach.

Lise Brody - Movement Initiator


quartet for five